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Code Of Conduct

We’re choosing to adopt the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) so that our customers can see that we place a strong emphasis on making sure that our workers have a safe and fair environment to work in, while also paying attention to being as environmentally responsible as we possibly can. has accordingly instituted the following policies and procedures:

  • Work Values – We treat all of our workers with the highest respect while making sure that they have the highest in work values.

  • Health and Safety Standards – We adhere to any and all rules that enable us to provide our workers with a safe and healthy working atmosphere.

  • Environmental Standards – We follow rules set within the Environmental Management System (in accordance with ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems).

  • Ethical Standards – We have a social responsibility to make sure that our workers follow fair business practices.

  • Our Suppliers – We encourage all of our suppliers to take on the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct in order to ensure that the highest Codes of Conduct are followed.