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IXYS UK Westcode Introduce It’s Greatest Ever Current Rating IGBT

IXYS UK Westcode have today introduced the maximal true current rating press-pack IGBT available that is set to break new ground in power handling capability of an individual device. The latest symmetric blocking device with a incessant DC rating of 2.8Kv has a unprecedented DC current of 6000A. The latest device has been aided by IXYS UK’s comprehensive expertise in making and understanding the principles of very big press-pack IGBTs with more than one parallel die. The recently developed 4.5Kv devices include vindicated SPT plus die technology and are built using 52 parallel connected IGBT die, 10 more than the biggest established part with a current rating of 2400A at the same 4.5Kv blocking voltage. Every die is 14.3mm square with an active area of nearly one centimetre squared. The latest device encapsulated in completely sealed 26mm thick with a 132mm electrode diameter, bigger than the traditional 2400A device, but keep up the similar 170mm in-total diameter as the 42 die design; this provides an effective 25% more current rating in the same package. The sturdy internal development is without bond with the single die straight away pressure contacted through metallic pressure plates to the outside copper electrodes. The outright bond free contact confirms maximum reliability and unparalleled thermal cycling properties, far exceeding those of a conventionally packaged plastic package module. In particular, the short circuit failure mode makes these devices the obvious choice for applications requiring series operation, such is the case in utilities, HVDC and very large medium voltage drives. The unrivalled current rating can also reduce the number of parallel paths required in very high current applications in the multi megawatts range. Generally, these devices are well suited to harsh environments and where maintenance access is difficult such as off-shore marine and wind. The hermetic structure and high rupture resistance are properties which are particularly relevant in harsh environments where explosive failure and plasma leak are unacceptable, such as mining, gas and oil instillation. The package design is based on IXYS UK’s proven technology, with the same conveniences of enhanced rupture capability, resisting more than ten times the short circuit energy of a conventional plastic packaged module device and the additional advantage that the device is virtually guaranteed to fail to a stable short circuit. These unique properties make the new device an ideal solution where high reliability, maximum power density and predictable failure are important. To facilitate the application of this new higher rated press-pack IGBT, IXYS UK Westcode has also launched a new complementary diode in its range of very high di/dt HP Sonic FRDs. This new diode is constructed using a new die bonding technology to maximize reliableness. Packaged in an 85mm electrode 26mm thick package the diode is pressure compatible with the press-pack IGBT so it can be mounted in the same series string for compact three level inverter configurations. Part number designations for this reverse conduction press-pack IGBTs is T2960BB45E & the compatible HP Sonic FRD is part number E3000TC45E. Typical applications for these devices include: utilities and HVDC applications such as, flexible AC transition systems, HVDC transition, Statcoms, VSC SVC etc; medium voltage AC drives for harsh environments and ultra-high power, such as mining, marine and off shore g, gas and oil installations; renewable energy for wind turbines, hydro generation, wave generation and solar; plus, any application where high power density and reliableness is necessary.