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IGBT induction heating coil in Photocopiers and Printers

The fixing system for the toner in copy machines, laser printers, facsimile machines, data recorders, and scanners needs transfer of toner from the rolling drum to the printing paper with heat and pressure. Radiant heating with halogen lamps was used for this process in the past. However, nearly 90 percent of the printing energy is consumed by this operation. The efficiency can be improved by using the induction heating approach leading to reduction of the size of the printing devices. The induction heating coil is installed concentrically inside the fixing roller. The high frequency inverter required to feed the inductive energy into the heating coil is built using IGBTs. The actual high efficiency of more than 94 percent of the series resonant ZCS-PDM high frequency inverter for IH roller in copy and printing machines has been observed for all the output AC power regulation ranges from 50 to 1200 W.