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TRENCHSTOP™ Performance IGBT improves energy efficiency for home appliance and industrial applications

On last April 28th, Infineon Technologies AG commenced the latest 600 V TRENCHSTOP™ Performance IGBT offering the next level of competency. The state-of-the-art discrete IGBT delivers high energy efficiency and reliabeness at an aggressive price point for applications like air conditioning, solar PV inverters, drives and uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Based on Infineon’s TRENCHSTOP technology,the latest IGBT is optimized for hard switching topologies working at frequencies of up to 30 kHz. The latest TRENCHSTOP Performance IGBT series incorporates the best trade-off between conduction and switch-off energy losses with exceptional toughness. 5 µsec short circuit capacity and fantastic electromagnetic interference (EMI) behaviour. The 600 V TRENCHSTOP Performance is a great alternative to the predecessor TRENCHSTOP IGBT from Infineon as well as to contending products. In a plug-and-play replacement the new TRENCHSTOP Performance IGBT yields lessened losses of 7 percent at switching frequency of 8 kHz. A matchless 11 percent lower aggregate loss is delivered for switching frequency of 15 kHz. Making use of the same packages, redesigns for higher efficiency and competitive cost can be realized simply, fast and with less efforts. The 600 V TRENCHSTOP Performance IGBT contributes to more energy efficient power consumption, higher reliability and longer operational lifetime of the application. For end consumers this translates into a lower electricity bill, sustainability and environmental protection.